Sebamed was established in 1957 by German dermatologist Dr. Heinz Maurer and is now recommended by dermatologists and skin experts worldwide.

From their pioneer product – the Classic Cleansing bar – to the very popular baby range, all of Sebamed’s products have been developed with the same pH level as healthy skin (pH5.5) making them suitable for all the family.

So whether an existing or new customer take a look through the products we have on offer and discover what Sebamed can do for you to be the #pHerfect you!

What is pH 5.5?
Our skin can be assigned a pH value because the hydrolipid film on the skin’s surface contains water. It was discovered about a hundred years ago that the skin is slightly acidic. Modern measuring techniques produced an average pH value of 5.5, which is due to natural acidic substances in sweat, sebum, and horny cells.

Why does soap damage the skin?
When combined with water, soap forms an alkaline solution with a pH value between 8 and 12. While the pH value of 7 marks the neutral point, the skin’s surface is naturally acidic having a pH of 5.5 and so when an alkaline soap is used to wash the skin, it destroys the skin’s acid mantle. The acid mantle does regenerate itself within a few hours, but in the meantime the skin’s natural defence against pathogens, irritants and dehydration is reduced.

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Sebamed Beauty Bible pH 5.5